Project Description

By the end of this past August, 361 families were identified by Pamoja and these families were surveyed to quantify their level of household food security. From these same households, body measurements from 434 children under the age of five were taken with supervision from their parent or head of household after full verbal and written consent were obtained. Height, weight, and age were recorded and used to measure chronic malnutrition. Preliminary analysis of the data revealed that the most apparent form of malnutrition was stunting (short for their age), with 23% of children meeting the criteria for stunting.

Eleven percent of children were underweight (low weight for their age) and 7% of children met the criteria for wasting (short for their weight). Based on their mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) measurements, 7 children were identified as acutely malnourished. Four of these seven children met the criteria for severe acute malnutrition. These children were referred immediately to appropriate health care services. By identifying and referring to children who need help on a real-time basis, their growth and health trajectory may be positively altered thus greatly impacting their quality of life.

Families identified
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