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Global Cure is an entirely youth-run non-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare worldwide . Our goal is to fundraise for hospital infrastructure and raise awareness for the wide disparities within healthcare. Many individuals perish from simple diseases such as Malaria all because of the fact that they simply lack the access to proper medical care.  Thus, by creating a system in which we could help “youth help others”, we are not only be help supply those in urgent need of medical care with help, but also empower the youth to bring a positive difference via volunteerism.

Furthermore, Health Care is absolutely imperative for everyone around the globe, yet as mentioned before, many individuals lack access to proper medical care. Our goal at Global Cure is to help provide proper healthcare for everyone without discrimination and combat the varying disparities within the medical system. By advocating, and  administering projects in these areas, we hope to inspire not only the youth, but to also uphold the notion that medical care is a absolute necessity for all. 




We are raising funds to donate directly to hospitals. As the population inevitably increases, hospitals become more and more crowded. That's why we aim to help for infrastructure improvements.

Medical Research

It has been estimated that less than 10% of global spending on health research is devoted to diseases or conditions that account for 90% of the global disease burden.


In order to have a strong medical infrastructure and to improve efficacy of medical solutions, education is the key. That is why we fund scholarships for students seeking medical education.

The Youth

Global Cure heavily emphasizes the empowerment of youth in order to combat the disparities that exist within the healthcare system. Majority of our volunteers are youth. As such, by creating a system in which I could help “youth help others”, we not only supply those in urgent need of medical care with help, but also empower the youth to bring a positive difference via volunteerism. Furthermore, Global Cure also encourages the youth to take their own action against our cause as well by initiating school chapters through which youth leaders are able to organize their own fundraisers for our projects.

How We Share The Money We Receive

We Are Glad To Share How We Distribute The Donated Money Because You Should Know Where The Funds Are Going To

1 %

Construction of the new Teck Acute Care Centre Child Health BC

1 %

Genetics research and pediatric oncology endowments Diabetes research at the hospital and research institute. A broad range of other areas of donor interest, including cardiac sciences, nephrology, mental health and orthopedics, to name a few

1 %

Childhood diseases – including childhood cancer and blood research, diabetes, immunity in health and disease, and rare diseases Healthy Starts, Evidence to Innovation, and Brain, Behavior & Development research themes Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics 
Research administration, infrastructure, and research platforms

1 %

A broad range of child-specific medical equipment was purchased, including acute ventilators; a spirometer for testing respiratory disease; and a hockey stick ultrasound probe, used for examining small internal body parts and blood flow within veins.

1 %

Including the Quality Resource Centre, the Centre for International Child Health, clinical fellowships, and other special projects.

1 %

Equipment and capital needs, compassionate care for children, the Child Development & habilitation Evidence Centre, fellowships and education, quality improvement projects and clinical technology.

Our Team

Meet the passionate, young individuals who are driving this initiative forward. 

Staff Members
Executive Directors

Arman turna

Arman is a first-year honours student at Simon Fraser University. He enjoys business, math and science programs, and has participated in many competitions across Canada. He has respectable experience with non-profits and charitable organizations, working on the board of directors for many of them. Arman has served as the president for the Junior Achievement Company Program, President of Business Case Competitions at North Surrey, Head Event Coordinator at the Canadian Scholarship Society, and now is enthusiastic to serve as the chair of Global Cure. He co-founded the organization Global Cure with the intention of raising funds for local, national, and international hospitals. He is confident he will be able to utilize his various skills to ensure the success of Global Cure.

Sohat Sharma

Sohat is an ardent, and ambitious first-year student at the University of British Columbia who founded Global Cure in an effort to raise awareness for healthcare, while also simultaneously involving the youth in this endeavor. After realizing the difference that Hospitals can make in transforming the lives of individuals inflicted with severe illnesses, Sohat learned that healthcare is a salient facet of society. With this in mind, Global Cure was founded. Outside of Global Cure, Sohat has also founded a club dedicated to raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society at his school, and he also works with many other non-profits such as CACTES Association and STEM Fellowship at an executive level. Furthermore, he enjoys reading and lifting “heavy” barbells at the gym. This year, Sohat is ecstatic with working with an amazing board of directors and hopes to show that with unity, we can make a difference in battling the disparities within our healthcare system.

Premvir Samra

Premvir is a first- year student at the University of British Columbia. Currently, he is involved with two Surrey Youth councils as well as other two volunteer organizations. When he’s not volunteering or taking part in extracurricular activities, Premvir can be seen stuck to his laptop or playing video games. Premvir understands that health care is absolutely imperative for everyone yet sadly, many hospitals are underfunded or overcrowded. Therefore, he co-founded the club Global Cure. Premvir is elated due to the fact that Global Cure is entirely youth-run, therefore empowered youth become the changers and leaders of their community. In addition, he is excited for the future of Global Cure and how much it will develop and expand due to the steadfast and dedicated nature of Global Cure’s staff and directors.

Souren Khetcho

Souren is a 2nd year Information Technology student at KPU. He found passion towards computer security and that’s what got him into programming and web designing. In his spare time, Souren likes to experiment with new technology, and is currently working for Shaw communications as a TSR. Through his life there in Syria, Souren noticed that the community is the most vulnerable area in any given country and that’s what drove him to join Global Cure.


Daman sohi

Daman Sohi is a grade 11 student attending North Surrey Secondary. When he isn’t glued to a TV screen, Daman can be observed eating, playing video games, or sleeping. Daman believes that half of accomplishing something comes from believing that you can. Daman takes great interest in social studies, math, and computers. Daman is glad to be the Volunteer Coordinator for Global Cure and hopes to help raise awareness about the lack of hospital funding and help provide hospitals throughout the world with funding with his fellow organization members.

Josh Mahal

Josh is a grade 11 student currently attending North Surrey Secondary school. When he’s not playing outside with friends or doing his homework, Josh likes to play ice hockey with his team, get together with his cousins, and listen to music. Josh strongly believes that we as people have the duty to help others around us and it is important to give back to your community in a variety of ways. As a result he thinks caring is an important virtue to have. Josh is very passionate about music and sports, and is the outreach director for the nonprofit organization Global Cure. Josh is very excited about this and thinks him and his team members can make an immense impact on society.

Matthew Teja

Matthew is a grade 12 student currently attending North Surrey Secondary. In his spare time, one can find him playing the piano or staring at a computer screen. Matthew enjoys participating in various extra curricular activities including martial arts, volunteering for his church, and learning more about computer science. He recognizes the importance of Global Cure’s objective, and wishes to bring awareness through different fun and exciting events. Matthew is honored to be the Marketing Director for Global Cure, and is eager to work with his fellow teammates to fulfill Global Cure’s cause.

Beata Fourmanovskis

Beata is a second-year Business Administration student in the Schulich Program at York University. She is very involved in her community through her work as co-president of Interact Club in high school and being an active volunteer for her school’s UNICEF and Breast Cancer Awareness club. She loves using her business knowledge to give back through the community including raising awareness and funds for SOS by being VP of Business Development to build relationships with businesses to donate to SOS. When Beata is not in school or volunteering, she enjoys reading self-help books and doing kickboxing. She is determined to use her knowledge and skills to be an amazing Finance Director of Global Cure. She became involved in Global Cure to use her business knowledge to increase awareness and raise donations to improve the health care system in the global community.

Tony Xun

Tony Xun is a grade 11 student at Semiahmoo Secondary. He can often be found watching Youtube or lifelessly scrolling through his Facebook feed, although he does spend a fair amount of time stressing, planning, and procrastinating. Tony enjoys playing games, learning history online, and both the making and consumption of various foods. Tony believes that everyone has the obligation to change the world in their own way, whether it be commanding an army, healing the sick, leading a nation, or even just making a friend’s day a little bit better. Therefore, Tony has gotten involved in several non-profits, including Global Cure. He is passionate about Model UN, travelling, and finding the optimal build for his characters in games. Tony is confident in the future of Global Cure and looks forward to working with his team members in the weeks and months to come.



Geoffrey is a third year medical student at UBC who loves working in the health technology space with a specific focus on exponentially improving the health of millions around the globe who do not have access to quality healthcare. He works with Global Cure as an advisor on their mission to support youth-led, data-driven global health philanthropy.